Our Approach

Why our Approach Works!!

  1. We are discrete in the way in which we market your business.
  2. The purpose is to only reach qualified purchasers who are in the market to buy a business like yours.
  3. This eliminates the embarrassment of having your customers, employees, and competitors knowing your business is for sale.
  4. We do the Valuation and buyers due-diligence package.
  5. We field the inquiries for potential buyers and pre-qualify them as to their ability to purchase the business. Before you even meet them.
  6. Since we have a webbed base marketing platform, we’re able to market through out the country for prospective buyers.
  7. Once your buyer is located, we will assist you with making a proper structure that will serve everyone needs.
  8. We have financing available through Nationally recognized Banks who are willing to finance Acquisitions.

What does MBA charge for its Services?

Because we have a fee and success based schedule that is ala-cart you will pay significantly less that the traditional 10% commission-based Broker.

We also Buy Businesses!!

There are times when business owners are no longer able to operate a business due to:

  1. Health Issues, Disability, or Death.
  2. Absentee Ownership.
  3. Divorce.
  4. Partnership Disputes.
  5. Bank Foreclosure.
  6. Facing Bankruptcy.
  7. The Owner just wants out!

We will work with those owners to find a solution to purchase or operate the business until a buyer can be found.


purchase the business at the business owners request based on the predetermined valuation.

Businesses 4 Sale by Owner
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