William H. Malek

William Malek is a founding partner with the accounting firm of Michigan Business Advisors since 2004. The firm is a full service business consulting and accounting firm with special market niches in business bankruptcy, small business turn around, management, mergers and acquisitions, and business valuations.

Professional Experience
Over 25 years of experience working with small and medium sized closely held businesses throughout Michigan meeting all of their accounting, tax and consulting needs. These services also include marketing, financing, production, business management, and cash management.

Business Mergers & Acquisitions
Advisor throughout all phases of business acquisitions, including consulting with clients on the valuation, appropriateness of a particular acquisition, the feasibility of the acquisition including financing, the financial forecasts and projections, and the participation in the negotiations of the acquisition team.

Bankruptcy and Business Restructure
As a business consultants and accountants we round out the professional team as we assist clients throughout all phases of the restructure and planning stages of their business. By completing a bankruptcy analysis, we provide a clear picture for the attorneys as to the true picture of the business. This enables the team to make better decisions as to the form of a bankruptcy or restructure. We administrate the post petition filing and the confirmation of a plan of reorganization. Often times I’m called to act as an expert witness for the client on matters of financial statements, valuations, and other disputes. In matters that require testimony by clients, we provide support to the attorneys for client preparation, financial support for 341 and 2001 hearings. As the financial expert of the team, we compile and prepare all the required reports for the bankruptcy courts, prepare all financial forecasts required by banking institutions, create the plan summaries, determine the plan feasibility of a successful plan, and the post confirmation forecast and projections.

Valuation Analyst
I provide business valuations for Merger and Acquisitions, Estate Tax Planning, Partnership Agreements, ESO plans, and divorces. As a credentialed Valuation Analyst I provide expert witness services.

Analyst of Financial Fraud
I provide clients with fraud auditing and fraud prevention services. Experienced with fraud detection and analysis we document and assist authorities with a chain of evidence. Credentialed as an expert witness in Federal and District Court.

As a former member of the NACVA, I was correspondent for the association’s monthly webinar series “Around the World in 90 Minutes” updating and reporting on current valuation trends and court decisions effecting business valuations for other CVA’s for CPE credit.

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